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Assessment and Examination


Assessments throughout your unit can include assignments such as quizzes, tests, oral presentations and essays. Some assessment items in a unit are compulsory, which means if you don’t pass or complete these, you fail the unit.

Academic Integrity

To ensure that you have the best possible education, CIC is committed to the fundamental values of academic integrity: honesty, respect, fairness, trust, responsibility, and courage. These are the values CIC seeks to uphold amongst its staff and students. Academic integrity means being honest and responsible in academic work. At CIC students will learn the conventions of scholarship to appropriately acknowledge and reference the work of others and effectively participate in the academic community.

Assessment Submission and Collection


You can submit your assessment to your lecturer or tutor through Turn-It-In in Moodle. Check the submission instruction in our unit outline. If you are unsure, please see your lecturer for further instructions. The lecturer or tutor marking your assessment is able to see your final originality report. Turn-it-in doesn’t make judgements on whether you have plagiarized but helps assessors determine the originality of your work. Assessments submitted to Turn-it-in are compared against:

• The internet
• Papers submitted to Turn-it-in by other students
• Online journal databases

You can “collect” your assignments through Turn-It-In after the results are made available. All assignments are available for collection before the commencement of the final examination period. If your lecturer has given you an alternative method to submit your assessment, they will inform you on where the assessment can be collected.


Final examinations are held at the end of every term.  The exams are scheduled during the exam period and you are required to be available during the entire examination period. The final examination timetable will be available at least 7 days before the first day of examination. You will be allocated a seat for each unit of enrolment. Examinations can take place on site or any other location deemed suitable by the Faculty. Supplementary examinations are held during the study break in the term following the current final examination period.

Special Consideration

Application for special consideration for the final examinations must be made within the required time frame allowed. Please refer to the special consideration policy for further information. Application for special consideration for the supplementary examination is not allowed.

Exam Dates

Summer Term
Final examination: 29 Feb – 11 March
Supplementary examination: 9 – 13 May
Term 1
Final examination: 9 – 20 May
Supplementary examination: 18 – 22 July
Term 2
Final examination: 18 – 29 July
Supplementary examination: 3 – 7 October
Term 3
Final examination: 3 – 14 October
Supplementary examination: 12 – 16 December
Term 4
Final examination: 12 – 23 December
Supplementary examination: Study break Term 1 2016
The exam timetable will be made available closer to the dates of the examination.


Unit Result Dates

Term 1: Tuesday 31st May
Term 2: Tuesday 16th August
Term 3: Tuesday 25th October
Term 4: Tuesday 17th January 2017

Final Results

The final results for your units of enrolment are available via moodle, if your results are not displayed, this may be due to outstanding debt. Please speak with the Higher Ed faculty staff for assistance.

Special Considerations

Your studies at CIC may be affected by an illness or serious circumstance beyond your control that prevents or affects your preparation or performance in an assessment. lease refer to the CIC Special Consideration Policy for details.

Timetable and Subject Allocation

Timetable and subject allocation occur during the week before week one of the term.

You will be required to attend the timetabling and select your unit of study for the term, and the timetable for those units.

The dates for timetabling in 2016 are as follows:
Term 1: 22 to 24 March
Term 2: 31 May to 3 June
Term 3: 16 to 19 August
Term 4: 25 to 28 October

The time and location for the timetabling will be made available closer to the timetabling dates. If you are unable to attend the timetabling sessions, please contact the Client Relations Manager. Please be advised that your timetabling preference may not be available after the allocated timetabling week.

The last date for timetabling will be the Friday of week two for each term.

Term 1: 8 April
Term 2: 17 June
Term 3: 2 September
Term 4: 11 November


You may be permitted to study more than two units per term, approval for this must be via the Director of Higher Education. Approval may be granted under the below circumstances.
• You are in your final term
• You are repeating a failed unit
• You have a good academic record
The Course Coordinator and DOS will advise you on your eligibility.

Cross Institution Enrolment

If you are currently enrolled at CIC and you wish to study a unit at another institution, an application can be made for this purpose. However, such an application is usually granted if the unit of study is unavailable and will remain unavailable for the duration of your study at CIC. You are responsible for ensuring that the unit from another institution is consistent with the unit at CIC (and this includes the accreditation requirements for Accounting units). After approval is granted to study cross-institutionally, you will make the necessary arrangement to enroll at the other institution including making payment of fees. Upon the completion of your studies at the other institution, you will need to present an official transcript to allow the unit to be credited as an exemption to your qualification at CIC. Please refer to the Cross-Institutional Enrolment Policy for more information.

Deferral of Studies

Students may be able to defer their studies under compelling or compassionate circumstances. For further information on the criteria and how to apply for deferrals please view the CIC Policy and Procedure in the Higher Education Policy Library.

Academic Progress

You are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress throughout your studies. The Faculty will review your academic progress at the end of each term in accordance with the academic progress policy. Failure to achieve satisfactory academic progress will require an intervention strategy to be established and implemented.

Support Available

To help keep you on track with your studies, seek help from our support services available to you:
•  Attend a study skill workshop
•  Attend a peer-assisted workshop
•  Contact your lecturers and/or tutor for assistance

Payment dates 2016

For all current students studying at Cambridge International College, the tuition fees are due no later than the first day of each new term. Late payment charges may apply if payment is made after this date.

Refund & Remissions

Please refer to the Refund Policy which provides information on fee refunds.


Academic Skills Support

Students are provided with help and support in improving their academic skills. The Learning Adviser at CIC organises and schedules academic skills workshops and students are encouraged to attend. This support provides students with the skills required to successfully complete their studies in the vocational or bachelor courses. Students are also encouraged to seek support from the Learning Adviser on an individual basis to discuss their individual academic circumstances.

HED English Support Services (ESS)

• English language support to those who are studying in a Higher Education Program
• One on one consultations provided to students
• ELICOS teachers available every afternoon between 11.30am – 12.30pm & 1.15pm – 2.15pm
• Consultations include academic presentation skills, essay writing and grammar support

Learning Advisors

We believe every student’s journey to a successful career starts in the classroom. That’s why at CIC, we make sure all our students have access to our various student support services.Academic Skills Workshop Studying can be quite challenging to international students particularly those who are new to the country and in the adjustment phase. Our academic and mentoring support service is facilitated by Learning Advisor, Dr. Margi Gibb. Margi holds workshops such as improving communication and presentation skills, how to prepare for assignments and exams, developing independent study skills, building your self-confidence and a lot more.

Margi Gibb


Contact Details

Work days: Monday – Friday


P: 8888 6541

Mara Reifman


Contact Details

Work days: Monday – Friday


P: 8888 6555

Career Assist Program

The CIC Career Assist Program is a program that is designed to help our new and continuing students in preparing and assisting them for the Australian job market.

As part of the program we have a careers counselling and job search coach, Sandra Emslie is available on campus every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sandra Emslie - Careers Counsellor


Sandra is a highly experienced specialist who has 20 years of experience with careers counselling and planning. With over 20 years in employment and job coaching, she is committed to providing a high level of assistance to students to help them achieve their goals and career objectives. She will provide training and individual services to support clients on their journey to employment. She is passionate about assisting people to meet their career goals and support their individual needs.

Contact Details

Work days: Tuesday and Thursday


Be sure to check out the information/job board on Level 6 at the Student Hub Centre for posts about available jobs, Sandra’s availability times/days and upcoming workshop dates.

Sandra is also involved in conducting specially designed workshops on campus that focus on tools such as

  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letters
  • Networking Skills
  • Interview preparation

When do the workshops run?

The workshops will be run at various times throughout the year, make sure to check your email for information. The student services team will send out information regarding upcoming workshops and advise you when registration is open.

There will also be information posted around campus prior to each workshop.

How do I meet with the Sandra?

You can visit Sandra directly on Level 6 at the Student Hub Centre on the days when she is on campus, additionally if you wish to contact her and/or make an appointment, please email:

Student Welfare Team

About the Student Welfare Team

The Student Welfare Team consists of three professional staff who have training in counselling and psychology. The counselling staff offer privacy and confidentiality. Sometimes it is good just to talk to someone you can trust. There is a private room available and appointments can be made by dropping in or by sending an email or SMS to our contact details. This is a free service. We can offer referral to outside agencies and community support e.g. country of origin welfare agencies. We have a wide network of contacts in Melbourne and are available to assist students and their family members.




Denis has over 20 years of experience in pastoral care and counselling. He has qualifications in Theology, Education and Counselling. He has a wide range of networks and contacts in Melbourne and is committed to individual care and advocacy for students. Denis is a registered counsellor with ACA.

Contact Details

Work days: Monday, Tuesday and Friday


P: 0433 137 328



Randolph has worked as a guidance counsellor dealing with culturally diverse students over a period of 10 years in California (USA). He speaks Urdi, Hindi, Persian and English and has been an international student himself. Randolph has a proactive approach to his counselling and is registered with ACA and a registered psychologist with AHPRA.

Contact Details

Work days: Wednesday and Thursday


P: 0425 177 171



Hyacinth has 30 years experience in education as a teacher, counsellor and psychologist She has worked in India, USA (California) and Australia. Hyacinth is a multilingual Registered Educational Psychologist with AHPRA. She has a clinician membership with ACA in Australia and the USA.

Student Hub Level 6 Room 6K

Contact Details

Work days: Thursday


P: 0433 533 251

General Enquiries and Assistance

For all other concerns not falling within the above parameters, we have a full team of Student Support Advocates that students can come to.

Peer Assisted Learning

PAL sessions create a safe and supportive place to learn and can help you prepare for assignments and exams. The sessions will be run by a PAL facilitator, a student who previously achieved excellent results in their course and who has been trained to support you in your learning.

Student Support

Academic Skills Workshop


When: Tuesday, September 9th | 12:00 PM
Where: Room 8C

Newly enrolled students who have not done a workshop MUST ATTEND

When: Wednesday, September 10th | 12:00 PM
Where: Room 8C

All Students who have not completed a workshop MUST attend

Academic Schedule

Higher Education Academic Calendar

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Contact Details – Melbourne Campus

General Enquiries

422 Little Collins Street, Melbourne.

T:+61 3 9663 4933 | F: +61 3 9663 4922



Level 5, 422 Little Collins Street, Melbourne.
T:+61 3 9663 4933 | F: +61 3 9663 4922


Payment & fees

Level 5, 422 Little Collins Street, Melbourne.
T:+61 3 8888 6582 | F: +61 3 9663 4922



Higher Education Department

Level 5, 422 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
T:+61 3 8888 6523

English Department

Level 4, 422 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
T:+61 3 8888 6540

Emergency Contact details




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